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17 October

"Under the sun of Liguria" Beata Murawska

Liguria is a land in northern Italy, whose capital is Genoa, a former competitor of Venice, maybe not so beautiful, but very intriguing. A narrow strip of land squeezed between the sea and the mountains is famous for the best Italian olive oil and basil pesto, of course.

06 December

Anna Kołodziejczyk "Architecture and interiors"

Ania Kołodziejczyk, a young and respected Wrocław painter, chose architecture as her theme of her art. This is a thread present in art for several hundred years; fascinating and solved in many different ways. The way Kołodziejczyk found is extremely individual and painterly extremely intriguing.

Vernissages organized in our space by SH Studio

14 June


Another vernissage in SH Studio. This time Aleksandra Morawiak, whose first solo exhibition will open on June 14 in our Studio, is a graduate of photography from the Film School in Łódź, an illustrator specializing in collage technique.

22 March

Composition 74

Paul Bik's exhibition Composition 74 touches on the theme of synergy and interpenetration of fields. The artist's reliefs created under the influence of modernist architecture and Italian design find themselves perfectly in the context of vintage furniture sold in SH Studio.